It is something I have been passionate about.

It is something for my soul and mind to be at rest, and discover new places and faces. To escape the corporate world, responsibilities for a while (even though I wished it would last forever!) and pay the sleep debt for my eyes which are lacking of sleep, sadly.

As a 16-year-old self-taught girl, I have a lot of free time during the day. Scrolling and lurking through blogs, especially in the “Travel” category. The wonderful views, magnificent architectures, illuminated lights of the city at night, vivid colors of the gardens and the difference of other cultures what made me suffer from wanderlust!

All my life, I have traveled to 7  countries. My wish is to travel to 3 other different countries before I turn 18!

I have a list of countries to visit, so let’s dive into it— shall we?

1) Spain

19 Fantastic Places You Have To Visit On Your Road Trip Through Spain (8)
Source: Hand luggage only

I have wanted to travel to Spain ever since I scrolled into those vibrant pictures of beaches and pastellina sleepy beach houses!

I am more of a traveler who leans on the beachy and watery area, because I have a passion for the water. It doesn’t matter where, as long as I can swim, dive, snorkel or any kind of water activities, safely!


(Source: By Haleigh)

If wasn’t feeling well on that day, I wouldn’t mind enjoying walking around the town, looking at boats and find some hidden gems around the blocks!

19 Fantastic Places You Have To Visit On Your Road Trip Through Spain (10)
Source: Hand Luggage Only

2) Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands
Source: Alex In Wanderland

Do you see that?

It hurts to know that my toes aren’t in the sand and my body isn’t the water there!

I wasn’t kidding when I said that I have a passion for the water! I am like a fish, in the waters is where I belong.

What to do in Grand Cayman: Go Snorkelling
Source: The Planet D

Here is a picture of a wanderluster who went snorkeling in the aquamarine waters of the Grand Cayman Islands!

I know it’s beautiful to see the sea world right in front of the naked eyes. Well, how about diving? It’s going to be a whole new level! Who knows what lies underneath the sea? You might be lucky to find the undiscovered, or maybe treasure!

3) England 

Tower Bridge, London
Source: A Lady In London

Words couldn’t reinforce of how much I wanted to go to England.

I’ve been holding the ache of going there for more than a decade.

Knowing my friends who are studying there made me feel envious. Not just because it is a great place to travel around by foot, but the studies there as well! I have dreamed of studying in England for quite a while now, and my mind is at Lancaster.

I don’t want to be too deep into that topic about further studies because, I’ll do that in a separate post. So, moving on!

Source: Girl Tweets World

I have imagined myself walking around London and stop at places where something is highly picturesque.

The pictures above were taken in Shoreditch, London. A well-known place for its art. Wall arts are seen where ever you will go. I guarantee, every steps you’ll take, you will be awed by the masterpieces done by different artists!

Source: What Olivia Did

Never to forget to try having afternoon tea in London! Have a cup of tea and biscuits like a Brit once in a while. Don’t you think?

4) Italy

10 Amazing Castles You Have To Visit In Italy (3)
Source: Hand Luggage Only

When I was younger, I was raised with watching action, James Bond-y, and treasure hunting movies with my father.

I had noticed that Italy has always been the country where their mission must be accomplished or clues will be found there hidden on tombstones or other obscured places and decipher codes. In their journey, they will show the landscapes of beautiful Italy, and that is when my heart of Italy has grown.

where to stay in rome trevi fountain
source: Goats On The Road

My main goal there is to discover the ruins, cathedrals and museums. It is all because finding out their perspectives at some events, and knowing their highlighted warrior better.

European history is way different than the history I’ve learned here. It’s good to exposed our brains to something new.


yes, there are 4 countries that I really need to visit. There are more but they aren’t as vital as the ones I’ve listed! With Allah’s will, I’ll step onto those 4 lands.

Godspeed, ER.


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